UK Nationals – Send Letters to Your Senator and House Rep

UK Nationals – Send Letters to Your Senator and House Rep


Write a letter in your own words or using the sample below as a guide to the government official listed. You can mail, email, fax, or call him.

Step 1: Find your elected official through this link

Step 2: Write your own email or use the following template:

Dear ___________,

Dr Essam and Gehad al Haddad have been held in solitary confinement in Egypt for over 2200 days. This is in violation with their most basic human rights and the Egyptian constitution. 

In view of the fact that Dr Essam and Gehad are detained and charged arbitrarily, in blatant violation of fair trial rights, I urge you to press on the Egyptian government to immediately release Dr Essam and Gehad al Haddad. I also call on you to ensure that pending their release, the Egyptian government removes Dr Essam and Gehad from solitary confinement and that they are given immediate medical attention. 

They must also be allowed to receive visits from their families and lawyers and be given access to adequate food, water, and medical care in compliance with international standards and medical ethics. 

I urge you take a stance with the Egyptian government such that they can act upon this quickly.

Thank you, 


Step 3: Send!